Friday, May 12, 2017

13 Reasons Why

A dear friend lost her mother this week. And another dear friend recently used her blog space to share about the women who have gone before her. So it's about time that I share some of the many reasons I love my mother. In honor of Mother's Day, here are 13 of them:

1) She is a woman of prayer.
-A faithful member of Moms in Prayer, she prays constantly for members of her family, and for others. She does not hesitate to say we should stop and pray about something.

2) She is an encourager.
-When I was younger, I got mad at her for making me read Bible verse cards to combat negative thoughts. Now, I totally value that. She knows where the source of truth lies.

3) She models a positive attitude.
-Her words are on the bright side, even if she feels dark inside.

4) She perseveres.
-She has endured a great amount of physical pain this year, but still goes for almost daily walks and keeps up with household duties.

5) She is a great, but balanced in a healthy way, cook.
-She still uses margarine and butter because both have been touted to "kill you." Her food is delicious, but she never forces it on us. She has taught me the value of incorporating avocado, oats, olive oil, and whole wheat flour into my diet.

6) She doesn't complain.
-I recently learned that she dislikes unloading the dish drainer and dish washer, but she will do it whenever I'm out late at night because she knows I like to have it done before I go to bed.

7) She gives sacrificially.
-She always looks out for the needs of others before herself (Phil 2:4). It is very rare that she will buy something for herself. Rather, she is constantly picking up groceries for me, or supplies for Dad, or a little something extra special just to make our day.

8) She is humble.
-The woman has a bachelor's in nursing and could have been a nurse practitioner, yet she serves as the office manager for she and Dad's business. And she doesn't complain. See point six.

9) She is the model of a submissive wife.
-She is smart and has strong opinions, but after respectfully voicing them to Dad, defers to his final decision.

10) She values the welfare of others above her own ego.
-I will always remember a family hike from college when I found her trailing behind. She is a fit, fast hiker, and I didn't understand. "If I don't stay back with Dad," she said. "He won't hike." Mom wanted Dad with us, so gave up her hiking style to support Dad.

11) She knows the Bible.
-I am terrible with Bible references, but if I mention the concept of a verse, Mom can point me to its general location, without Bible Gateway, or a concordance.

12) She accepts her body.
-She eats healthfully and regularly and refuses to follow crazy diet fads. She trusts her body to do what it needs to do and does not freak out on days when her pants are tight.

13) She loves me.

-I would argue that a mother's influence is one of the strongest on a daughter's life. Many have not been blessed with a mother like mine, one that loves unconditionally, that prays, that gives unconditionally, that attends important life events, etc. God has truly blessed me.

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