Saturday, June 24, 2017

Surviving the Arizona Heat

For those of you who live in Arizona, this isn't new information. For those of you who don't live here and want advice for when you visit during the summer, here it is. And for those who are thinking of moving here, or are recent transplants like some of my classmates in training, here's some potentially helpful information:
  • Arizona summer heat is dry (less than 10% humidity).
  • June is one of our hottest months.
  • Temperatures are normally over 100 degrees, especially at lower elevations.
How do we survive? Here are some tips:

  • Store extra tires, wiper blades, and antifreeze in your car. 
  • Buy and use a sunshade. It makes a difference.
  • Never leave electronics, food that can melt, CHILDREN OR PETS in the car without the car running and the air conditioning on.
  • Buy a steering wheel cover that doesn't heat up, or buy hot pads to keep in your car. Seriously, the steering wheel can burn your hands if your car has sat in the sun all day.
  • Turn off your air conditioning when the interstate sign says to. Using air conditioning on that hill really will cause your car to overheat.

  • Always bring extra water.
  • Drink before you're thirsty. With the dry heat, thirst indications a fairly progressed stage of dehydration.
  • Dress in layers if you work inside. Buildings can get very cold with air conditioning and shocking your body when you leave work isn't good.
  • If you don't have central air conditioning or a swamp cooler inside, wear lightweight, moisture-wicking clothes at home. Wear open shoes or sandals if permitted.
  • If you have long hair, arrange it up and off your neck.
  • Avoid peak sunshine times (11 am to 4 pm or so).
  • Hike only early in the morning.
  • If you must walk, walk after the sun goes down and bring a jacket in case of temperature swings. Big temperature drops happen in the desert.

  • Think positively. For example, I'd rather be hot than cold, so I tell that to myself when I'm really warm.
  • Remember that summer is a season. Monsoons will come and temperatures will drop.

Any questions? 
Arizona friends, any advice to add? Feel free to comment below.

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  1. Yuck! We've had a couple days over 100 and it's miserable to me. I stay inside all day. I'm so relieved for the days with a high of 80! -Emily