Saturday, January 30, 2016

Magazine Envelopes + "Open When" Letters

A kind friend from college sent me a special note in a unique envelope, and I just had to ask her about it. She explained that she made the envelope from a magazine page. I Google-searched the idea and found lots of ideas, but I found Creative Green Living's tutorial especially helpful.

I made an envelope or two, and then set out on a bigger project: a series of envelopes to house, "Open When" letters. "Open When" letters are a way to share thoughts and encouragement with someone far away. Simple provide a list (or a key) that tells the person when to open each letter. I used an idea I saw on Pinterest as a foundation and then used the internet to search for ideas. I came up with 25 prompts, and a series of letters that looked like this:

My friend texted me when she received the package yesterday. I am so excited for her to begin opening them. I really enjoyed this project because it combined note writing, encouragement, crafting, and using up excess (old Conde Nast Traveler magazines) all in one.

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