Friday, December 2, 2016

November News

I don't know how many people read these monthly updates, but I said I'd do this as my New Year's resolution, so here goes. These are the things I'm still working on, haven't done yet, or decided not to do.

2) Stop checking e-mail on my phone while at work.
I think I've decided that I like checking e-mail on my phone at work. It leaves less to do at home and gives me a brief distraction. BUT...I need to limit the amount of checking. Once in the morning, once at lunch, and once before I leave is a good amount for me.

3) Use more glass storage containers and less plastic.
I asked for more glass containers for Christmas. I still enjoy using mason jars as much as I can. I use plastic in moderation and try not to microwave in it whenever possible.

4) Find my rambunctious side again.
I think I've given up. I'm an "old person" now and I realized today that my former housemates were a big part of me being more lighthearted. (Miss you girls!) I enjoy life here, but I'm more serious.

5) Memorize some new scripture, or at least review the old.

I've come to the conclusion that I have to give up nightly Psalm of the day reading if I want to make time for memorization. I no longer force myself to memorize an entire verse, but rather try to work on a phrase or two. It's slow-going, but helps me examine Scripture in order to see it in new ways.

7) Purge excess. Soak up blessing.
I purged my Arkansas house. Now I'm purging here. But living at home, I have a basement full of home goods in another place. I need to find my own space or sell/give away a lot.

9) Embrace the quiet.

Nighttime snack is about all I get. I try to wait until others leave the kitchen to start, but sometimes I just have to try to make my own quiet amidst the chaos.

11) Rest.

Let's be honest. I spent (and enjoyed) a lot of time on Pinterest, Thanksgiving, and Facebook over Thanksgiving break. I also read a lot.

12) Trim down the processed. Bulk up the produce. (In my diet)

Sometimes I don't know what to eat. So I just eat.

4) Finish the books I have and read more.

15) Spend time with and love the people around me. 

Dad and I went to the Christmas light parade and Panera Bread this weekend. Good times.

16) Blog. Instagram. Something. 

Blogging is cathartic, but I don't always know if people read what I write. (Does it matter?) I like Instagram, but often think my posts promote egotism. Sigh. Most good things in life have great potential to become vices.

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