Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Ten Ways to (Quickly) Get Yourself Out of a Funk

Ever have those days when you're on task and then suddenly like, "Oh crud! What have I been doing for the past [X] minutes?" Ever have those days when you can't find resolution to the problem you're trying to solve? Or you just generally feel crappy? Here are a few things I do to snap myself out of the funk and try to restart my day:

1) Sweep the floor*. It's quick, and it has tangible results (e.g. all that dirt I sweep into the dust pan).

2) Wash the car*. Again, I can see that I've made a difference.
3) Get out in the sunshine. It boosts vitamin D and my mood. (See this post for more on sunshine.)
4) Write a list of ten things I can thank God for. It changes my perspective.
5) Help someone else. This gets my focus off myself and onto the other humans around me.
6) Do jumping jacks. Run stairs. Or otherwise get active. Getting myself moving and some endorphins flowing is sometimes all I need.
7) Bake*! Working with my hands and seeing tangible results works wonders. Plus, research is showing that cooking has therapeutic benefits.
8) Sing a song of praise. It's hard to be frustrated, sad, or made when I'm praising God.
9) Read a blog post. This gives me something else to think about .
10) Purposely smile. Smiling activates the brain and releases chemicals that make me feel better.

Quick fixes? Yes. Permanent fixes for sustained depression? No. But by doing at least one of these things a day I train my brain to think more positively and hopefully avoid ruts of negative thinking that can lead to depression.

*Caveat: It is possible to base self-worth and happiness off what I do rather than who I am. When I'm in this frame of mind, it's better to pick something off this list that is internal, rather than external (e.g. 4, 8, 9, and 10).

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  1. I am not a morning person and I've​started trying to smile first thing when I wake up.... Well... Once I'm conscious! I think it helps me have a better attitude in the mornings.