Thursday, July 13, 2017

Afghan 52

My dear friend and former roommate gifted me with a book of crochet patterns entitled Sarah's Stitches for Christmas 2011. I didn't use it for a little bit, as I was a creature of habit and always made the same afghans over and over again. But then this same dear friend told me about the importance of changing routines for brain plasticity, memory, and preventing dementia. So I started trying to see how many new afghan patterns I could try.

With my hand issues, I can only crochet about three rows a day, but that's still something. And the hand issues have forced me to accept imperfections and move on. Praise the Lord, this make's the sixth afghan I've completed from the book.

So without further adieu, here's afghan 52, the Antarctic pattern from Berroco, made with all the scrap yarn I could find in my stores, as well as Red Heart's soft navy acrylic yarn:

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  1. You know I'm kind of a sucker for color and being a rule breaker. This afghan breaks the rules and I LIKE it! This might be my favorite one to date, S!0