Friday, July 28, 2017

Cooking with Fruits and Vegetables (A-Z)

Back in 2016, I made it a goal to include more produce in my diet. I always try to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, but sometimes it's just hard. I'm the kind of person who tends to eat the same fruits and vegetables over and over again, too. So to motivate myself to branch out, I decided to try cooking with new fruits and vegetables, as many as I could find, A to Z. See my results below.

Now before you go commenting that I missed a few letters, I know. I decided not to special order fruits like quince or ugly fruit. I never got around to the letters "I" (iceberg lettuce) and "W" water chestnuts. I challenge you to find a "X" vegetable. As for the rest of the letters, I think I did alright.

A is for Avocado 
B is for Black Beans

C is for Chickpeas

D is for Dill

E is for Eggplant

F is for Fennel

G is for Green Beans

H is for Honeydew Melon

J is for Jalapeno Pepper

K is for Kiwi

L is for Lemon

M is for Mushroom

N is for Nectarine

O is for Okra

P is for Pear
Gingerbread pear crumble from the OATrageous Oatmeals cookbook

R is for Raspberry

S is for Spinach

T is for Tomatoes

V is for Valencia Orange

Y is for Yellow Squash

Z is for Zucchini


  1. All of these looked awesome! I am the same way with fruit and veggie. I think part of it stems from not wanting to spend too much time in the grocery store, so I just buy what I know. I think this is a great idea!

    1. Maybe we should go on a grocery shopping exploratory trip together sometime.

    2. Honestly that sounds awesome! I truly hate grocery shopping but I'm always cursor how other do it.