Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Afghan # 46 (And Hanging Up My Crochet Hook)

I finished afghan number 46, this one for an elementary-, middle-, and high-school friend who just had her third child, a beautiful baby boy. For this afghan, I used a pattern from Sarah's Stitches, a book compiled for me by a dear friend and former housemate one year for Christmas. The pattern is Crochet Magazine's spiral lapghan. I used a size H crochet hook and Red Heart variegated autumn yarn. This afghan needed extensive blocking after washing due to edge curling, but it was still a fun pattern.

You may have noticed that quite a bit of time has passed since I last posted an afghan. This is because of slow progress on the afghan you now see. I have been having some extensive hand usage issues in my right hand which make it hard to crochet, type, or generally use my wrist and hand. Doctors ruled out carpal tunnel syndrome and so far chiropractic help is not making much of a difference. Therefore, to give my hand/wrist a break, I am going to hang up my crochet hook and call this my last afghan for awhile. Please pray that my wrist will heal so that I can return to crocheting. I really do enjoy it.

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