Friday, April 1, 2016

Update on THE LIST

In case you wanted to know how THE LIST is going...

1) GO! on a cruise.It's booked! I feel both fearful and excited: fearful that I might get seasick, or sick, or hate the small cabin; but excited to soak up sunshine, spend time with a dear friend, and see new places.

2) Stop checking e-mail on my phone while at work.I continued to have problems with this, so I took it off my phone. Speaking of which, I turned on e-mail for a trip this weekend, but need to turn it off again.

3) Use more glass storage containers and less plastic.What happens when I run out of glass? Maybe I need to obtain more glass. Or maybe, if I had less access to plastic, I would use more glass?

4) Find my rambunctious side again.I  made a funny comment on a work e-mail. That counts for something, right?

5) Memorize some new scripture, or at least review the old. (Ps 119:105).I'm working on Philippians. It's hard!

6) Clean out the pantry (fridge, freezer, et. al) and go on a grocery spend fast until it is done.
I'm stocking up again, but it is good to keep an eye on what I have and try to keep using it up.

7) Purge excess. Soak up blessing.I took a few things back out of the garage sale box. I am trying to find balance in this area.

8) Run a 5K.Done! My housemates and I ran the Fight Back 5K for the American Cancer Society. I did not beat my first, and best 5K time, but I ran faster than I usually do. Yeah!

9) Embrace the quiet.I didn't listen to music the whole time on my road trip....

10) Pursue counseling licensure.I should receive notice in two weeks if the state board approves my classes. Please pray for favor!

11) Rest (Ps 46:10; Matt 11:28-29).Still struggling here....

12) Trim down the processed. Bulk up the produce. (In my diet)This lovely cookbook from a friend is helping immensely: Easy Vegetarian Slow Cooker Cookbook: 125 Fix-and-Forget Vegetarian Recipes. (But be forewarned: Every recipe says it serves six, but most often serves 8-10).

13) Bullet journal plan—streamline my to-do list.I've had paper lists out tonight, but I'm working on it.

14) Finish the books I have and read more.
I finished Every Thought Captive ly Jerusha Clark last night and highly recommend it. I also read Where the Wind Leads by Dr. Vinh Chung and Tales of a Church Mouse by John Edgell. Not a lot, but something

15) Spend time with and love the people around me.  I got to see an aunt, uncle, and cousins last weekend. I just returned from a less than 24 hour trip for a family funeral. Family is not perfect, but it is worth sacrificing for. "God sets the lonely in families" (Ps 68:6, New International Version).

16) Blog. Instagram. Something. (Experiment.) 
I am not writing on here as much as I would like. I want to "develop" some more oatmeal recipes, but have not. I don't know how long this blog thing will last. If you read this blog and want to see more of a particular type of post, please comment. Thanks

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