Saturday, April 30, 2016

Vegetarian Slow Cooking

Remember when I posted about the new cookbook my best friend bought me for Valentine's Day? Yeah, I cook from it every week now. Using the crockpot is just so easy! I can fix it and forget about it, and most recipes make a week's worth of meals. Below is a list of the recipes I have made so far:

(Check out the Easy Vegetarian Slow Cooker cookbook here.)
African peanut stew

Black bean burrito bowls

Caribbean black bean soup

Cauliflower and bean stew with jerk seasoning

Chickpea and mushroom stew (with cilantro and lime rice)

Cilantro and lime rice

Indian red bean curry (with red potatoes and fresh steamed broccoli)

Madras curried lentils (with cauliflower and pumpkin biscuits)

Roasted green chile and sweet potato stew

Southern carrots, potatoes, and corn (with white beans)

Tex-Mex quinoa

Tres frijoles chili

Vegetarian tikka masala

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