Thursday, March 16, 2017

30 Days of Oatmeal: Cinnamon Blueberry

The Oatmeal Artist introduced me to the loveliness of peanut butter and blueberries with her Nutty 'Nana Berry Oatmeal. For this recipe, however, I didn't have or want the banana. I wanted something that tasted a little more like a muffin. Enter the cinnamon.

I'm not normally a huge fan of blueberries, but creamy sweet and spicy porridge with pops of berry and swirls of rich peanut butter? Count me in! This might be a new entrant to the regular breakfast oatmeal rotation.


1/2 c quick cooking oats
1 c water
1 t cinnamon
1/2 c fresh blueberries
1 T (or more!) natural peanut butter for topping


1. Bring the oats and water to a boil and reduce heat to medium.
2. When oats reach the desired consistency, stir in the cinnamon and add the blueberries.
3. Once the blueberries are warm, transfer the oatmeal to a bowl and top with peanut butter.

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